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You Deserve Better

Does anyone else here have an entitlement issue? I 100% believe that I deserve all the wonderful things in my life and should have more of them. I should get more money, I should get the best parking space, I should have the best clothes, I should have the smartest kids, I am always right in traffic… The list goes on and on. Why do I believe I deserve these things? I have no idea, but I have discovered that believing I deserve whatever without earning it only leads to heartbreak, shame, and a bad attitude. 

So how can a generation of entitled shits possibly become this world’s leaders, parents, caregivers? Well we can’t with any success. Not unless we get over the fact that we don’t deserve the best but maybe we have to try to earn the best? 

You want a new car? Here’s how you get one!  

Work your fucking ass off till you can afford it. Don’t use credit. Don’t get an absurd loan. Work 3 damn jobs, save up and don’t spend your hard earned money on stupid shit. It seems so obvious but not many people apply these basic principles. Don’t buy things you can’t afford. 

You want the smartest kids? Take the time and teach them when their young. Baby sign language baby einstiens. There’s all sorts of way to make sure your baby is learning. Another huge advantage, don’t feed them poison processed juke. Encourage them when there right. Read a damn parenting book. 

One more example. Always believing I have the right of way on the road. You want to be right or you want to be the jerk with a Napoleon complex in the big truck? You know who I’m talking about. The big jacked up truck that laughs at traffic signs cause he owns the road. Maybe instead of being that guy or gal you could remember anything you read in your states drivers manual. Most of them are less that 150 pages. Do the work, read the book, and be the guys who’s doing the right thing. Peer pressure those shitty drivers. Earn the right to run them off the road. 

Enough of the entitlement and woe is me. Work your ass off, do the research, suffer the long nights, put your back into it. 



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  1. You a smarty pants!

  2. Dayna,

    Love. Love. Love it!

    Should be obvious right?

  3. Dan & Jeanna Swiatkowski

    Love this! You are 100 % correct the only way to get what you want is to work for it. Keep sparkling on!

  4. You earnt it, you deserve it. Now enjoy it. 🙂

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