We Are One From Many ~ There Can Be Only One

What does the future hold?

Like many youths (I guess we are called the me generation?) I used to believe that the things that happen in my life are all circumstantial or a coincidence. For example, my car needing a new distributor which is $500 in repairs. I often see statues updates on Facebook complaining of such things with a woe is me attitude. I am the reason my car needs repairs. You are the reason your car needs repairs. I bought a beater of a car. I drove the car. I left the car to face the elements. I have karmic debt that may manifest itself in car troubles. Personal responsibility is the key to not being a depressed loser that no one wants to hear anymore. Everything in my life is my fault. EVERYTHING. If i got hit by a car tomorrow it would be my responsibility, I chose to be in that place at that time. If someone cuts my fingers off I must take personal responsibility for it. My actions lead to that.
Your life is your fault.
There is no one in this world that you can blame. Not your mom or dad or what happened to you when you where four and a half. You chose you. I chose me.
As a individual in one of the more selfish and spoiled generations I am truly terrified by what I see today. I very much enjoy Facebook and stalking old friends but some of the shit I see on there is terrifying. So much complaining and the world hates me crap.
Self pitting and self deprecating will get you no where in life. I still find myself woe is meing.
I make my life what it is and what it will be. If I don’t want to have to pay to fix a car I need to buy a more reliable car . If I don’t want to get hit by a car I need to look both ways before I cross the street. If I fuck up I say I am sorry and hope for forgiveness. Taking personal responsibility is one of the hardest most pride swallowing actions in my arsenal of healthy living, but it is also the most powerful.
I like to believe I am an above average 25 year old as far as maturity, spiritual & mental health go, but when I see the average in my peers it makes me want to hurt them. Or kill them. I get into Hitler mode and I want to wipe selfish world destroyers IPhone wielding brats off the plant(meaning the “me” generation).
But then I have to take personal responsibility, I chose to look at all the crap on Facebook. I chose to feel the way I do. And I am so unbelievable happy and content in my life that I really just hope everyone finds their ideal life.

I chose to do the next right thing. I hope everyone can do the same.

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  1. totally one of the most honest blogs and bloggers there is. No Fluff from this MEllennial, just the way it is!! Very true though and once you take responsibility for it all it is so much easier to move forward

  2. Freaking awesome. I am so happy to see you happy! 🙂

  3. HELL yes! It’s galling to admit (and for many to accept) that EVERYTHING in our lives is truly a result of our thoughts and actions.

    Thank you for stating it the way it is!

  4. Very well put! Kudos for your honesty! Thank you for sharing!

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