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Week 14 – Hello from the Other Side

Harmony. Have to live with it, can’t succeed without it.

Now I assume most of you reading this blog are in or have been introduced to the Master Key Experience. If you have not here is the basis. You are what you think about, your every thought shapes the world and life you are living via your subconscious, you can learn to control your thoughts and mental attitude to bring out about the circumstances you want in your life by influence your subconscious and in turn utilizing the forces of the universal mind (most ppl say that is god, but it’s not and that’s a whole other blog!) because your subby and the omnipotent energy of the world are one.

This is just the base of what the MKE teaches us. There are many exercises and readings that lead to training your brain to be the watchman at the gate of your subconscious mind. There is also proof for some of your non believers but you would have to read the Master Key System by Charles F Haanel to learn them because I’m not writing a blog to prove to you want I already know.

So we are in week 14 of the MKE, my message for me this week was to make harmony my priority. Without harmony I cannot use the universal mind to my advantage. Constant harmonious thinking will bring out harmonious conditions for me and my loves. Now what exactly does harmony mean in this instance? I am not talking about a tune in my head. I am talking about a condition, a train of many thoughts that only consists of positive constructive happy people places and things.

No dwelling on past mistakes. No fear around what the future holds, got a big project, you’re gonna do awesome! Only constructive thoughts of what you want your future to hold. Want a new car, think about driving it. Want a promotion, work your ass off and think about the success. You get the idea. Now let’s do it now! tree within

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  1. Davene Januszewski

    Harmony aaaaaaaaa

  2. Eulaine Melanson

    Dayna- I enjoyed your blog- you had a lot of pearls of wisdom. I liked your ending picture along with the quote from Haanel.

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