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As I sit here while my seat is man handled by a 6 year old I am reminded how very easy it is to fall back into old habits. I very much want to sit on this little girl and remind her to respect her elders, but alas this is not my lot in life. I must focus on the awesomeness that is my life. I am returning from the loveliest vacation with my most amazing husband and I got to see snow!!!


Everything went absolutely perfect! I am very suspicious it has something to do with the Master Key way of life. So many serendipitous occurrences and good luck. Friends and Family that are unwilling to be aware of the principles that got me to this place swear up and down I have a horse shoe implanted in me somewhere 😉 Little do they know the hardest of the hard work is the only thing that can get you what I have. Controlling your thoughts….

I do not believe there is such thing as good luck or bad luck. There are positive thoughts and negatives ones and those thoughts determine your push and pull in the universe. I knew I was going to see snow while I was in New England, everyone told me it would be hellish. I saw snow. Jason drove through it, it was that beautiful big flake snow driving through the mountains. Then that same day we drove Vermont where it had already snowed, cleared roads easy driving, more than anything I wanted to me Christmas lights on snow. I got to see all of them! Absolute perfect. I do not believe I am luck. I believe Jason and I influence the universe and create this amazing weekend.

So instead of contemplate how I will murder this poor young girl behind me I am thinking of my Dream Home(which we drove by idk how many times). Thinking of my smart goals. Looking for shapes and colors on the plane.

IMG_1091I am picturing my twins. My amazing life. My amazing family.

IMG_0942DSC_0191DO NOT get sucked into the Dark Side.

I am not lucky. I work my ass off to have this abundance. I am the victor of life!!


Abundance & Love,





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  1. What you think about you bring about….this was never more true. You have worked hard and continue to everyday. So happy for you and Jason, and can’t wait to come visit your dream home…snow and all! SPARKLE ON!!

  2. It great to hear your connecting and being successful with it…! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are and You do, Dayna – and many, among them myself, are incredibly grateful for all You are and do!
    So happy You had the dream vacation You created and deserved!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

  4. Great post, Dayna! So glad that you had (manifested) such a perfect vacation… Also happy to hear that the 6 year old made it out alive! Such great principles shared in your message. So happy to be finding this out for myself through the MKMMA. Thanks again.

  5. What we think we manifest, I see you in your dream home with your twins and snow 🙂 it is a beautiful picture! Mahalo for all you do!

  6. Love the simplicity of this post. We are the change we see in our lives, and if everyone else thinks we are ‘lucky’ let them. The work is the best reward.

  7. “Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity”
    Earl Nightingale

    People will think your lucky.
    Not really. You prepared and now you receive.

    But, you can have the snow ❄

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