I have decided to write my Thanksgiving blog on BLACK FRIDAY (cue scary music).

Now instead of a blah blah what I am thankful for Blog I would like to write a what the hell is wrong with the world Blog. Mind you I am thankful for everything in my life. No need to list it my life is the stuff of fairytales.

Now what is wrong with our world? Things like Black Friday. Most people just spent all of yesterday reciting what they are thankful for and being grateful. And today most people are trampling each other to get deals on merchandise? I am sure there are thousands of brawls today over a cheap tv or the last dress in your size. Is it insanity? I can only speculate in the United States, but it is no wonder the rest of the world hates us.

Then there are people getting blown up. I am curious why you would want to be “accepted” by a “god” that wants you to mass murder people? What do you think that heaven would be like? It makes sense that like begets like. So I can only imagine that that “heaven” would be what I picture as “hell”, chaos and death everywhere. Like begets like. I believe in “to each his own” when no harm is done.  If you are helping you should be helped. If you are hurting good luck to you cause you must be miserable.

There is always an argument for anything for or against and these are just my personal beliefs. But if you are not doing the next right thing you must be doing the wrong thing. If you are doing the wrong thing why are you doing it if you know right from wrong? Why would anyone do the wrong thing? I am a very logical person and I just can’t wrap my head around it. Why would anyone do the wrong thing? Does anyone have an answer the make sense? I sure don’t. So I just do the next right thing. And my life is awesome. I bet people that do the next wrong thing don’t have awesome lives.

I believe in Karma. What goes around come around. You do right you get right. You do wrong you get wrong. You kick the shit out of someone for a TV there will be some bad shit in your future. You blow up someone to please your god there some really bad shit in your future. You help and old lady cross the street there is good shit in your future. You don’t take the pen from the bank, good shit. It all makes perfectly logical sense.

The wonder of human error. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes you take the bank pen by accident. I don’t think bad shit will happen then. Its when you take any actions on purpose that is not right. Accidents happen. I just can not understand why anyone would do the wrong thing. So much good can happen if you just take personal responsibility and do the next right thing!!!