I like it already! Unfortunately it is not what you may think. The Law of Relaxation simply put is all mental work defeats itself. Not lounging around this awesome pool garden thing. The moment tension begins the mind stops working creatively. So how does that effect practicing the presence of Tod? Really the same way it effects anything, your mind stop working creatively. If your mind (the most powerful tool ever!) stop being able to create how will you decided what you want for supper? Or where you left your car keys? Or what you want your life to look like in 10 years? Your mind, world within, soul, whatever you want to call it needs creative juices to express itself in the world without. If you do not adhere to the Law of Relaxation your thinking will be in a constant foggy state. You can’t get anything done like that.

Now where does this lead us?

Can anyone guess?

To the sit!! I know you all knew that already.

How do you ensure your mental work is relaxed, gentle, and unhurried? Why you do your daily sits. Now for those of you who have not taken the Master Key Experience or read the Master Key System the sit is 15 mins out of your precious day that you literally sit, not lounge or lay, sit upright 100% still, no movement! In the beginning let your mind wander to what it will. The goal is to eventually completely clear your mind of all thought. Clearing and maintaining the blank slate makes the Law of Relaxation a breeze!

The big finally! Everyday use.

Still can’t remember where you put those damn car keys? Clear your mind, which you know how to do on demand from yours sit. Ask your mind where the keys are. Voila it will pop into your head. That is why I never loose anything! You can ask my family for reales!

Oh and BTW when you are asking your mind to tell you where something is you are actually asking Tod. Or the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent that is everything.


Looking forward to seeing you for Part 3 of the Presence of Tod!!


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