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The greatest interview in the world, by the greatest interviewer in the world!

Hello World, I am with the most amazing people I know and we are here to find out how they got their dream life. ” Say hello Mommy and Daddy”

“Aloha Vanora! My greatest interview in the world.” Says Mommy “What can we do for you Pumpkin?” Asks Daddy.

rowley house

I want to interview you!” I exclaim. And the interview begins. We are sitting outside our house in Rowley by Daddy’s big fire pit he made. I love the leaves here it’s so pretty and so different then our Hawaii home. Mommy’s wearing her favorite Tommy Bahama sweater and sitting in the big chair with Daddy. I love that they are always happy and smiling at me, I ask ” So Mommy, why don’t you have a real job like the other parents?” then they start laughing at me! Mommy says ” Honey I have a real job” she is still laughing ” its just different, we help people all over the world get the best life they can get!”

” but you never do ¬†anything”

” HAHA, I am glad you think so but I work all day long, what do you think me Grammy & Grampy talk about all day long?”

“Well, Me & Victor of course”

“Your right! But we talk about work too. We created the MasterKeyExperience where people can learn what we know. Like how you know everything you think about comes true. Right?”

“Yes Mommy, Thats why I’m thinking about another puppy! Warrick and Thorin need a freind!” Of course I am talking about our two dogs.

We have a Great Dane and a Frenchy. They are playing in the leaves by the pond. Mommy and Daddy are smiling at me, they love when I remember the important things. They are right, I think about only good things and only good things happen. It’s like mommy knows everything! She is so smart and her and Daddy are the happiest people I know, besides Grammy and Grampy and all my Aunties and Uncles!

“Ok Mommy, I have another question! Why do we have two houses and live in two different places?

Mommy smiles at me so big when she answers, I can see the love in here eyes. ” because we love both places and the people in them so much we couldn’t pick just one. So we got the two best house in the places we love the most, we never have to miss anyone! Aren’t we the luckiest family?” We are the luckiest family. I have the best parents ever!

” We are the luckiest! I have one last question… Mommy why are you getting so fat?” Daddy gives me a stern look ” Now you know thats not a nice things to say” Mommy interrupts ” its ok Baby, she is the only one who noticed, I was gonna wait to Christmas. But I have big news…”

And that was the greatest interview in the world, cause now me and Victor have a brother or sister coming to be part of our awesome family! I am so lucky to have the best parents and family, the coolest houses, the funnest cars, and the awesomest doggies! I wish everyone has as much as me. If we can all teach the world what we know they will! Worlds best interview out.

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