MKE week 5 – Evidently I can only do odd blogs!

We are one, we are all connected, we are all made of the same stuff, we are all part of the universal.

I just wish I could funnel someone else motivation into myself! Slacking on blogs has been a long hard struggle for me. I want them to make a BAM! So I limit myself and come up with excuses. No More! I will blog every week! I do blog every week!

So what should this week’s blog be about? How about the PIF. Now most of you know by now the Master Keys has been dubbed “a live changing course” and I 100% back that up. So why are some people dropping out due to the PIF? REFUSAL OF THE CALL!! We are all terrified of our greatness. “What if I can actually succeed? What if I am in charge of my whole life? Who can I blame my problems on then?” No one, no matter what the answer is no one. You can afford the PIF, what do you think is more important, your well being or have all the data and a smart phone? Your DMP or your kids pop tarts? Take a good hard look at your life and see which you want more; A happy future or a luxury now?

Really can afford it? Ask for an extension! Ask someone for money. Ask 80 people for a dollar! The Master Key’s is invaluable but we can’t run it of smoke and well wishes. Honor what you have learned. Stick it out and change everything.

Love & Abundance,




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One Response to MKE week 5 – Evidently I can only do odd blogs!

  1. Nice catch on “I do blog every week!”

    So spot on Dayna! I must say when it came to my first PIF the refusal of the call was strong, but I pushed it aside. So Grateful. Sometimes one needs to look a a small part of the big picture and say “Hey the minimum works out to $2.30 per day!” Less than the cost of two coffees in my next of the woods.
    So start dropping (replacing) some of those unhealthy bad habits with Healthy Life Changing good habits. Aim I Right?

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