MKE week 3 – getting in the flow

It is liberating and terrifying to know everyone is in complete control of their own life.

That means I can’t blame anything or anyone for ANYTHING that happens to me. All of it is 100% my doing. That is scary. But the other side is I can create ANYTHING in my life. That is empowering.

So my world within causes my world without. I have to make my world within (thoughts) what I want to be my world without (life). So I can’t:

  1. judge anyone or thing
  2. hate anyone or thing
  3. fester about things that happen
  4. live in the past
  5. think about mistakes
  6. think badly about myself
  7. have negative thoughts
  8. hurt anyone

I don’t know about the rest of the world by in New England, where I am from, there is a certain expectation that you can handle and dish out verbal abuse. If you don’t or can’t you’re a pussy. So as you can image I make every excuse in the book to maintain these behaviours and keep face. My point, we all have an excuse as to why we can’t or wont change our behavior.

We have to! I lost a good amount of friends and relatives because I did change my behaviour. Now those people have seen the advancements in my life since the behaviour shift, that is still shifting, and refuse to believe it is caused by the change in behaviour. I’ve been told I was handed what I have earned, been spoiled, been favored, it fell into my lap. I can promise you that is not true. I had to change my world within and now my world without has all this epic stuff in it. So I:

  1. Am truly happy
  2. Work 100% from home
  3. Have a brand new car
  4. Am completly in love with someone who is completely in love with me
  5. Get to read books all the time
  6. Have really great best friends
  7. Have an amazing relationship with most of my family
  8. Get to do essential whatever I want

Was it worth it? What do you think?

Love & Abundance,


P.S. I still get to swear like a sailor 😉

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3 Responses to MKE week 3 – getting in the flow

  1. Ryan Missler says:

    I’ve never heard you swear one time….wink. Great blog post Dayna!

  2. Josh Shear says:

    Fuck yeah it was worth it! 🙂

  3. Dan Linkert says:

    Swear Like a Sailor? How wonderful it is that you have that choice! I’ll bet your good at it to?
    Fantastic Blog Dayna!

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