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MKE Week 2 – Die Another Day


I hope you all read my DMP and are thinking about it every second of every day 🙂 If you aren’t you should!!

I am very antsy this week. I badly want to be enjoying autumn back home with my peeps. But I’m stuck here in stupid Hawaii wishing I was cold. I only have 2 more years here, which is not much at all, but I catch myself all the time looking for apartments in MA or NH that I could move into right now. I believe this is my old blueprint trying to get me revert back to the old ways. I have a plan. If the universe wants to drop something in my lap to get me home faster I am all for it but i can’t be messing with it out of antsyness. That is how all the work I have done goes down the drain. I trust the universe, I trust my subconscious to make my DMP happen. So why I am looking for ways out? Why I am looking for a change?

That damned old blueprint that’s why!! I want instant gratification. I want to be enjoying fall now! I could do it. I have the means to move back right this second. But I wont have my Yellow House. I wont have my babies! I wont have my big fancy car. Moving and getting what I want right now could put some or all of my dharma in jeopardy. AND IM STILL LOOKING FOR APARTMENTS!! Emotions are strong creatures. I badly want this, fall makes me happy. But I can transfer those emotions with training. Other things make me happy. Things that will help me get to my final destination. So all I have to do it transfer or replace those thought of wanting to be in New England now to wanting to build a list, or wanting to answer my emails in the most timely fashion. The law of substitution and law of dual though are wonderful weapons to have in my arsenal.

I still slip, obviously, I make dumb choices. I say dumb things. I ver off my chosen path. The key is getting right back on! No shame, no judgment, just peace and calm and satisfaction.


The Universe and I are making some epic shit happen. I know it to be true, therefore it is true.



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  1. Whoop, whoop!!! Go for it, baby, go for it!
    You deserve what You want and You will have it because You gonna make it happen and no old blueprint is gonna stay in Your way and survive!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

    Love // Claes

  2. D

    Wow. That’s some personal insight there! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Eulaine Melanson

    Dayna, I enjoyed your genuineness in your blog. The two pearls that I got from your blog was: transferring what you want to do with what you have to do now. What to do when you get off your chosen path–basically get right back on it-don’t let time or your old blueprint get the victory of you. Remember when you get back on your path there is no shame, no judgment; just peace, calm, and satisfaction. Thanks for reminding me of these great truths.

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