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MKE Week 1- Begin Again a DMP

It is truly wonderful starting the Master Key Experience again! I would like to share my DMP with anyone who cares to see it. The more subby’s focus on it the quicker it will happen! Give me my Dharma!!

Liberty & Recognition for Creative Expression

          I am amazing, exuberant and satisfied knowing I change lives around the world. I am ecstatic to scholarship over 100 people in MKE on or before Sept 30th 2017. Earning $10,000 a month is so thrilling. I am fulfilled growing G9G by 50 members on or before Jan 2017. Depositing my $13,000 Go90Grow check on or before Nov 1st 2016 excites me beyond measure. I shine seeing the pride in Mom and Mark’s eyes. My future is bright.

I love to treat Jason with respect and admiration. We are the luckiest parents in the world. Our twins Victor and Vanora are due August 2017. They are healthy bundles of joy we love more than life itself!

Eating right and working out daily with Piyo, Yoga or a walk makes me merry & sexier. Being in harmony with everything around me is exhilarating! I love to forgive.

Jason & I closed on 134 Central St July 6th 2019. Excitement and happiness overwhelms me as we unlock the door to our Big Yellow House. Sitting on the back porch with the family enjoying the foliage fills my heart with joy. My Great Dane Warrick loves to sit with me in my green office while I make our fortune changing the world.

I love to watch people gawk at my sparkly purple Pilot. Hearing our children play in the second and third row on the way to visit their grandparents is enchanting.

We host a huge party Sat Oct 31st 2020, The Merry’s Halloween Extravaganza! Hundreds of our families and friends come to enjoy haunted hayrides, bobbing for apples, a costume contest and all around great time. It’s glorious seeing purple, green and orange lights strung along the entire back. There’s a huge stage and themed band playing in the barn. Everyone there comes up to me to tell me what a beautiful home I have. It’s delightful watching our parents boast to everyone at the party. Merry holiday parties are the talk of the county and we get a feature in the Boston Globe Dec 2022.


Let’s make it happen people!


rowley house

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  1. Can’t wait to visit for the holidays and spend time with you, Jason, Victor and Vanora! It is DONE!! <3

  2. I am so multi-enthusiastic about this Dayna – I may just need to go have another Og-asm to really get into how much Awesomeness I just envisioned – I’m bringing pumpkin fudge to the party. What a beautiful house you have my dear.
    I am on this with you!

  3. Julia Standish

    Now THIS is and example of a DMP with enthusiasm and specific.

  4. Can’t wait to visit you and see your beautiful children. I love Halloween parties!!!

  5. LOVE the new house WOWza and my favorite colour too 🙂 ALSO LOOKing forward to the All Hallows Eve PARTY!
    I Know that you shall make your DMP happen! OH I AM excited to meet the twins xxx

  6. Jason merry

    Big dreams. I love it! And i love you too!

  7. Heather Carley

    I’m already planning my Halloween Costume!

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