MKE Week 1 2017 – Keeping with Tradition

And so I present my DMP!!!

Liberty & Recognition for Creative Expression

          I delight in treating Jason with respect and admiration. Love overwhelms us as I give birth to our twins Victor and Vanora May 2018. They are healthy bundles of joy I love more than life and purple and sparkles!

I am amazing, exuberant and satisfied knowing I better 5 million lives around the world on or before May 2025. I am ecstatic to personally scholarship over 500 people in MKE on or before Sept 30th, 2017. Earning $15,000 a month on or before August 2018 is so thrilling. I shine seeing the pride in Jason, Mom & Mark’s eyes. I have the knowledge, insight and imagination for my full takeover of Training Solutions June 2020. I heal the world by spreading our knowledge & love.

It is exhilarating to close on 134 Central St August 1st, 2018 . Excitement and happiness consumes me as we unlock the door to our Big Yellow House. Sitting on the back porch with the family & friends enjoying the foliage fills my heart with joy. It is glorious having my Great Dane Warrick at my side while I earn our fortune healing the world.

Eating vegetables, drinking 100 ounces of water and working out daily with Piyo, Yoga or a walk makes me merry & sexier. I LOVE to wake up refreshed and energized at 6am 5 days a week. Being in harmony with everything brings me abundance! I love to forgive.

We host a huge party Sat Oct 31st, 2020, The Merry’s Halloween Extravaganza! Hundreds of our families and friends come to enjoy haunted hayrides, bobbing for apples, a costume contest and all around great time. It’s glorious seeing purple, green and orange lights strung from the house to the barn where there’s a huge stage and themed band playing. Everyone there has something wonderful to say about the house and decorations. It’s delightful watching our parents rave to everyone at the party. Merry holiday parties are the talk of the town and we are featured in the Boston Globe Dec 2022, what a thrill!

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One Response to MKE Week 1 2017 – Keeping with Tradition

  1. Dan Linkert says:

    Do I see the Merry’s Halloween Extravaganza as the newest National Lampoon’s Movie of the year? Party!

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