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I am Dayna. It is very nice to meet you! I would like to let you know a little bit about myself for my first blog ever.

I love long walks on the beach and romantic candle light dinners… hahaha Just kidding.

I’m a newly 24 year old starting to live my dream life on the island of Kauai. I started really getting my life together about two years ago when I hit rock bottom in the lovely state of Vermont. It has been a hell of a ride since then and I could not have had a better support team to get me through everything. Side-note  I have lived in every state in New England and am happy to say i will not be experiencing snow this year!

So I hit rock bottom and realized I can’t live my life scared, high, alone, and just ashamed. So I did what I always did and moved away from the problem assuming that would fix it, has to be the location right.

I did really well in Lynn, MA for a while then found the perfect guy who had no interest in being in a loyal healthy relationship, so of course i was going to change him like the rest.

Now for this time in my life the foundation of my sanity live in Hawaii. In the five months of that misery I realized I just didn’t want that kind of life anymore. I want to be happy in paradise like my mom and mark.

So I dumped the guy got a great job and started really looking at myself. I took the life changing Master Key Experience and turned everything around. I did it all with the thoughts in my head and that is something amazing. So now I am here on my porch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the amazing little island living a life I could only have dreamed of one year ago. I am working to help other people do what I did or there own version of it. And that is the summary of me and why I am starting a blog. I hope you all enjoy it!

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  1. Brittany Martinez

    Thank you for sharing your story Dayna! You have inspired me to really step it up a notch in my current journey through MKMMA. I am ready to let go of the old, even if its “comfortable”, Ha! Feel very blessed to have been connected with you through this course. Aloha!

  2. Marcos Espinosa

    I liked reading a little bit about your story. Like you I moved a few times in my life trying to fix things, it had to be the other people around me, the location, the water, something other than me. I finally realized it was me. I am thankful for you and the whole MKMMA team.

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