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Lost the Way

Why is it that so many horrible things happen in this world? Why do so many people choose to do the wrong thing. I have a pretty good concept of right and wrong ei; Steal is wrong, giving without expectation of reciprocity is right, lying is wrong, telling the truth is right. Well those are obvious, how about judging another human being? That is obviously wrong, right? But it is one of the most common occurrences of wrong behavior I have heard of. I do it without even a thought. Toddlers don’t do it, they don’t determine their self worth by comparing themselves to other. When did we learn to judge others and compare everyone? We are each a unique creature in this world why do I look at women and decided their worth by how much prettier or uglier they are then me?

I don’t think anyone knows the when, but I know the why. I am sure you can guess it… it is all about retail. If I buy this dress and this bra to make my boobs and butt look big I will be pretty enough. If she buys that bra boys will think she’s sexy. If he buys this body wash women will want to bang him. If she buys this car she will be excepted. Luckily if we know the why we can change the behavior…

So how do you change a lifetime of judgemental behavior? How do you stop ripping other people to shreds to make yourself fell better? Well thats the easy part! PMA, Positive Mental Attitude. What is that you ask? Well instead of thinking negative thoughts about yourself or others you replace those thoughts with positive ones! So some beautiful skinny fashionista walks by, maybe your husbands eyes wander (he’s human), so instead of finding everything wrong with her and deciding she is a bitch, think about how lucky you are to have a wonderful dog, or about that awesome summer vacation you had, or about that new tattoo you want.
KICK NEGATIVE THOUGHTS IN THE ASS!! Do the next right thing. It will make your life unbelievable better. It will make you feel better as a person it will make others feel better around you. It will get the nasty people out of your life. It may even make you happy. Give it a try. Don’t have a negative thought for 24 hours. Tell me how it goes. I will be you money if you do this it will open your eyes to something spectacular.

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  1. wow Daynies great writing – color me impressed!! Ironic Too

  2. Love this post Dayna! Great writing! Makes one think and isn’t what this is all about? Being a self thinker instead of following the main stream.

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