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The Plane Blog

As I sit here while my seat is man handled by a 6 year old I am reminded how very easy it is to fall back into old habits. I very much want to sit on this little girl and remind her to respect her elders, but alas this is not my lot in life. I must focus on the awesomeness that is my life. I am returning from the loveliest vacation with my most amazing husband and I got to see snow!!!


Everything went absolutely perfect! I am very suspicious it has something to do with the Master Key way of life. So many serendipitous occurrences and good luck. Friends and Family that are unwilling to be aware of the principles that got me to this place swear up and down I have a horse shoe implanted in me somewhere ūüėČ Little do they know the hardest of the hard work is the only thing that can get you what I have. Controlling your thoughts‚Ķ.

I do not believe there is such thing as good luck or bad luck. There are positive thoughts and negatives ones and those thoughts determine your push and pull in the universe. I knew I was going to see snow while I was in New England, everyone told me it would be hellish. I saw snow. Jason drove through it, it was that beautiful big flake snow driving through the mountains. Then that same day we drove Vermont where it had already snowed, cleared roads easy driving, more than anything I wanted to me Christmas lights on snow. I got to see all of them! Absolute perfect. I do not believe I am luck. I believe Jason and I influence the universe and create this amazing weekend.

So instead of contemplate how I will murder this poor young girl behind me I am thinking of my Dream Home(which we drove by idk how many times). Thinking of my smart goals. Looking for shapes and colors on the plane.

IMG_1091I am picturing my twins. My amazing life. My amazing family.

IMG_0942DSC_0191DO NOT get sucked into the Dark Side.

I am not lucky. I work my ass off to have this abundance. I am the victor of life!!


Abundance & Love,





Week 9 – The Thanksgiving Blog

I have decided to write my Thanksgiving blog on BLACK FRIDAY (cue scary music).

Now instead of a blah blah what I am thankful for Blog I would like to write a what the hell is wrong with the world Blog. Mind you I am thankful for everything in my life. No need to list it my life is the stuff of fairytales.

Now what is wrong with our world? Things like Black Friday. Most people just spent all of yesterday reciting what they are thankful for and being grateful. And today most people are trampling each other to get deals on merchandise? I am sure there are thousands of brawls today over a cheap tv or the last dress in your size. Is it insanity? I can only speculate in the United States, but it is no wonder the rest of the world hates us.

Then there are people getting blown up. I am curious why you would want to be “accepted” by a “god” that wants you to mass murder people? What do you think that heaven would be like? It makes sense that like begets like. So I can only imagine that that “heaven” would be what I picture as “hell”, chaos and death everywhere. Like begets like. I believe in “to each his own” when no harm is done. ¬†If you are helping you should be helped.¬†If you are hurting good luck to you cause you must be miserable.

There is always an argument for anything for or against and these are just my personal beliefs. But if you are not doing the next right thing you must be doing the wrong thing. If you are doing the wrong thing why are you doing it if you know right from wrong? Why would anyone do the wrong thing? I am a very logical person and I just can’t wrap my head around it. Why would anyone do the wrong thing? Does anyone have an answer the make sense? I sure don’t. So I just do the next right thing. And my life is awesome. I bet people that do the next wrong thing don’t have awesome lives.

I believe in Karma. What goes around come around. You do right you get right. You do wrong you get wrong. You kick the shit out of someone for a TV there will be some bad shit in your future. You blow up someone to please your god there some really bad shit in your future. You help and old lady cross the street there is good shit in your future. You don’t take the pen from the bank, good shit. It all makes perfectly logical sense.

The wonder of human error. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes you take the bank pen by accident. I don’t think bad shit will happen then. Its when you take any actions on purpose that is not right. Accidents happen. I just can not understand why anyone would do the wrong thing. So much good can happen if you just take personal responsibility and do the next right thing!!!





The Presence of Tod Pt 3 Law of Subconscious Activity

Part 3. The Law of Subconscious Activity. Try saying that 5 times fast…..I Just did ¬†, it was actually kinda easy….. Moving on….

What is the Law of Subconscious Activity? As soon as the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it immediately begins trying to put it into effect. Our subconscious is a direct link to Tod. So all you have to do is think the right ideas and your subby will tell Tod and your subby and Tod will make it happen. There is some “fine print” to this process. Your idea must adhere to the laws of nature or universal laws. It may not always produce exactly what you thought you wanted but if it is good/positive it will bring healing, freedom, success & happiness. If it is bad/negative it will bring sickness, trouble, failure & sadness.

tree within


So how exactly do we use this law to our advantage? Well the answer is simple! Only think good/positive thoughts. If you always think proactive and positively you will always impress positive ideas for the subby. There are levels to this process. Only thinking positively is the first step. Ultimately what you really want is to learn how to focus your thoughts to get you exactly what you want. That takes a lot of practice and is a constant work in progress. It is unfathomably worth it but most peeps now a days are lazy and don’t want to do the work. We call that refusing the call. Learning and applying the Law of Subconscious Activity is the road to ultimate happiness. Fortunately for the average bear there is a course (shameless promotion) we have on how to achieve YOUR happiness, The¬†Master Key Experience. For those of you in the MKE you know what I am talking about. For those who don’t I highly recommend checking it out. Now get to work!

Love & Abundance, Dayna

The Presence of Tod Pt 2. Law of Relaxation


I like it already! Unfortunately it is not what you may think. The¬†Law of Relaxation simply put is all mental work defeats itself. Not lounging around this awesome pool garden thing. The moment tension begins the mind stops working creatively. So how does that effect practicing the presence of Tod? Really the same way it effects anything, your mind stop working creatively. If your mind (the most powerful tool ever!) stop being able to create how will you decided what you want for supper? Or where you left your car keys? Or what you want your life to look like in 10 years? Your mind, world within, soul, whatever you want to call it needs creative juices to express itself in the world without. If you do not adhere to the Law of Relaxation your thinking will be in a constant foggy state. You can’t get anything done like that.

Now where does this lead us?

Can anyone guess?

To the sit!! I know you all knew that already.

How do you ensure your mental work is relaxed, gentle, and unhurried? Why you do your daily sits. Now for those of you who have not taken the Master Key Experience or read the Master Key System the sit is 15 mins out of your precious day that you literally sit, not lounge or lay, sit upright 100% still, no movement! In the beginning let your mind wander to what it will. The goal is to eventually completely clear your mind of all thought. Clearing and maintaining the blank slate makes the Law of Relaxation a breeze!

The big finally! Everyday use.

Still can’t remember where you put those damn car keys? Clear your mind, which you know how to do on demand from yours sit. Ask your mind where the keys are. Voila it will pop into your head. That is why I never loose anything! You can ask my family for reales!

Oh and BTW when you are asking your mind to tell you where something is you are actually asking Tod. Or the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent that is everything.


Looking forward to seeing you for Part 3 of the Presence of Tod!!


tree within

Practice the Presence of Tod

Do you believe in God? Goddess? Infinite Intelligence?

Emmet Fox said ” true religion may well be summed up as the Practice of the Presence of God”. God being whatever or whoever you believe is your higher power. If you don’t believe in a higher power I would stop reading now its kinda pointless. With that info in hand how do you go about practicing the presence of God, I don’t like to use God cause of all the religious baggage the name has, so lets call it Tod. How do you go about practicing the presence of Tod? Well with the Spiritual Laws of the Universe of course.

So what are the spiritual laws you ask? These are the Spiritual Laws according to Emmet Fox:
Law of Substitution
Law of Relaxation
Law of Subconscious Activity
Law of Practice
Law of Forgiveness
The Dual Law of Thought
Law of Growth

Now I use the Spiritual Laws according to Mark J, but these work for beginners.

Let us start with the first law and its uses in practicing the presences of Tod. The Law of Substitution, your mind can only hold one thought at a time. Pretty easy to see how this is used in practicing the presence of Tod, but I will spell it out none the less cause this is my blog and I can do what I want here!
Instead of thinking negative thoughts such as; “I hate Dora she is such a bitch”, “WTF you cut me off”, “John got MY promotion, worthless jerk”, “I would look way better in that shirt”, “she is a whore” & one of my favorites “I hate everyone” You replace those thoughts with thoughts of happy things. Happy thoughts like an awesome time you had camping, your pets, your dream house, how awesome your 3 day weekend is going to be, your favorite moment in the whole world, or the obvious and center of the post, Tod.

Now by clearing all the negative bad juju from your mind and soul, poof you are practicing the presence of Tod. Wasn’t that easy! No religious mumbo jumbo here. Just do the next right thing and focus on the positive you are on the straight and narrow to happiness! Your Welcome!

Sign up to find out about my take on the Law of Relaxation and its uses in everyday life.


You Deserve Better

Does anyone else here have an entitlement issue? I 100% believe that I deserve all the wonderful things in my life and should have more of them. I should get more money, I should get the best parking space, I should have the best clothes, I should have the smartest kids, I am always right in traffic… The list goes on and on. Why do I believe I deserve these things? I have no idea, but I have discovered that believing I deserve whatever without earning it only leads to heartbreak, shame, and a bad attitude. 

So how can a generation of entitled shits possibly become this world’s leaders, parents, caregivers? Well we can’t with any success. Not unless we get over the fact that we don’t deserve the best but maybe we have to try to earn the best? 

You want a new car? Here’s how you get one!  

Work your fucking ass off till you can afford it. Don’t use credit. Don’t get an absurd loan. Work 3 damn jobs, save up and don’t spend your hard earned money on stupid shit. It seems so obvious but not many people apply these basic principles. Don’t buy things you can’t afford. 

You want the smartest kids? Take the time and teach them when their young. Baby sign language baby einstiens. There’s all sorts of way to make sure your baby is learning. Another huge advantage, don’t feed them poison processed juke. Encourage them when there right. Read a damn parenting book. 

One more example. Always believing I have the right of way on the road. You want to be right or you want to be the jerk with a Napoleon complex in the big truck? You know who I’m talking about. The big jacked up truck that laughs at traffic signs cause he owns the road. Maybe instead of being that guy or gal you could remember anything you read in your states drivers manual. Most of them are less that 150 pages. Do the work, read the book, and be the guys who’s doing the right thing. Peer pressure those shitty drivers. Earn the right to run them off the road. 

Enough of the entitlement and woe is me. Work your ass off, do the research, suffer the long nights, put your back into it. 



Lost the Way

Why is it that so many horrible things happen in this world? Why do so many people choose to do the wrong thing. I have a pretty good concept of right and wrong ei; Steal is wrong, giving without expectation of reciprocity is right, lying is wrong, telling the truth is right. Well those are obvious, how about judging another human being? That is obviously wrong, right? But it is one of the most common occurrences of wrong behavior I have heard of. I do it without even a thought. Toddlers don’t do it, they don’t determine their self worth by comparing themselves to other. When did we learn to judge others and compare everyone? We are each a unique creature in this world why do I look at women and decided their worth by how much prettier or uglier they are then me?

I don’t think anyone knows the when, but I know the why. I am sure you can guess it… it is all about retail. If I buy this dress and this bra to make my boobs and butt look big I will be pretty enough. If she buys that bra boys will think she’s sexy. If he buys this body wash women will want to bang him. If she buys this car she will be excepted. Luckily if we know the why we can change the behavior…

So how do you change a lifetime of judgemental behavior? How do you stop ripping other people to shreds to make yourself fell better? Well thats the easy part! PMA, Positive Mental Attitude. What is that you ask? Well instead of thinking negative thoughts about yourself or others you replace those thoughts with positive ones! So some beautiful skinny fashionista walks by, maybe your husbands eyes wander (he’s human), so instead of finding everything wrong with her and deciding she is a bitch, think about how lucky you are to have a wonderful dog, or about that awesome summer vacation you had, or about that new tattoo you want.
KICK NEGATIVE THOUGHTS IN THE ASS!! Do the next right thing. It will make your life unbelievable better. It will make you feel better as a person it will make others feel better around you. It will get the nasty people out of your life. It may even make you happy. Give it a try. Don’t have a negative thought for 24 hours. Tell me how it goes. I will be you money if you do this it will open your eyes to something spectacular.

What does the future hold?

Like many youths (I guess we are called the me generation?) I used to believe that the things that happen in my life are all circumstantial or a coincidence. For example, my car needing a new distributor which is $500 in repairs. I often see statues updates on Facebook complaining of such things with a woe is me attitude. I am the reason my car needs repairs. You are the reason your car needs repairs. I bought a beater of a car. I drove the car. I left the car to face the elements. I have karmic debt that may manifest itself in car troubles. Personal responsibility is the key to not being a depressed loser that no one wants to hear anymore. Everything in my life is my fault. EVERYTHING. If i got hit by a car tomorrow it would be my responsibility, I chose to be in that place at that time. If someone cuts my fingers off I must take personal responsibility for it. My actions lead to that.
Your life is your fault.
There is no one in this world that you can blame. Not your mom or dad or what happened to you when you where four and a half. You chose you. I chose me.
As a individual in one of the more selfish and spoiled generations I am truly terrified by what I see today. I very much enjoy Facebook and stalking old friends but some of the shit I see on there is terrifying. So much complaining and the world hates me crap.
Self pitting and self deprecating will get you no where in life. I still find myself woe is meing.
I make my life what it is and what it will be. If I don’t want to have to pay to fix a car I need to buy a more reliable car . If I don’t want to get hit by a car I need to look both ways before I cross the street. If I fuck up I say I am sorry and hope for forgiveness. Taking personal responsibility is one of the hardest most pride swallowing actions in my arsenal of healthy living, but it is also the most powerful.
I like to believe I am an above average 25 year old as far as maturity, spiritual & mental health go, but when I see the average in my peers it makes me want to hurt them. Or kill them. I get into Hitler mode and I want to wipe selfish world destroyers IPhone wielding brats off the plant(meaning the “me” generation).
But then I have to take personal responsibility, I chose to look at all the crap on Facebook. I chose to feel the way I do. And I am so unbelievable happy and content in my life that I really just hope everyone finds their ideal life.

I chose to do the next right thing. I hope everyone can do the same.

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