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If you claim it, it will manifest

With the over abundance of social media we are seeing a lot more of peoples dirty laundry hangout out. I am starting to notice a trend, people are “claiming” aliments.

My Depression

My Anxiety

My Migraine

My heart disease

Why do you want to own these things? Why do humans claim any aliment as their own? Do you know what that does? It brings more of the bad things into your life. Your migraines will forever be yours. There is no hope in getting rid of them because they are YOURS! The law of attraction always wins. What are you manifesting? My anxiety? My happiness? My debt?

So my very helpful advice for today: Never claim something you don’t want more of!

You have complete control over what you think about and what you talk about. What you think about and what you talk about create your entire life, all aspects and effects. Be diligent! Don’t fester!

Just…..(fill in the blank)

^^^^ That is exactly what you should do. You don’t have any of those things. They are affects of your thinking. Change it and have some personal responsibility for where you have taken yourself!


5 Habits To Stoke The Fire In Any Relationship

Some of us who have been in a relationship past the “honeymoon” stage know the fire that was your love life turns to a nice warm ember. Here are a few tricks I have learned to stoke the flame of a 7 year old relationship.

1. Brush your teeth-

No one wants to make-out with old food and bad breath. Brush your teeth twice a day not only for your personal hygiene and a bright smile, do it for your partner!

2. Make your bed-

Have you ever tried to get jiggy on a bed with the sheets all twisted and the pillows in disarray? It makes for a lot of interruptions, we are all older now, no one wants spunky juices on their pillow. Make your bed!

3. Do the dishes-

Seriously, nobody loves it, everybody does it. If your partner did the dishes for you would you not wanna give them some sweet lovin?

4. Put away your laundry-

Same with making your bed, shit gets in the way. Fold it an put it away!

5. Shower regularly-

With your love! and without your love. Nobody wants to smell a poopy butt hole while their trying to get off. Clean the crevices.


There you have it! 5 very simple steps to keep your (love) life on track!

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