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If you claim it, it will manifest

With the over abundance of social media we are seeing a lot more of peoples dirty laundry hangout out. I am starting to notice a trend, people are “claiming” aliments.

My Depression

My Anxiety

My Migraine

My heart disease

Why do you want to own these things? Why do humans claim any aliment as their own? Do you know what that does? It brings more of the bad things into your life. Your migraines will forever be yours. There is no hope in getting rid of them because they are YOURS! The law of attraction always wins. What are you manifesting? My anxiety? My happiness? My debt?

So my very helpful advice for today: Never claim something you don’t want more of!

You have complete control over what you think about and what you talk about. What you think about and what you talk about create your entire life, all aspects and effects. Be diligent! Don’t fester!

Just…..(fill in the blank)

^^^^ That is exactly what you should do. You don’t have any of those things. They are affects of your thinking. Change it and have some personal responsibility for where you have taken yourself!


5 Habits To Stoke The Fire In Any Relationship

Some of us who have been in a relationship past the “honeymoon” stage know the fire that was your love life turns to a nice warm ember. Here are a few tricks I have learned to stoke the flame of a 7 year old relationship.

1. Brush your teeth-

No one wants to make-out with old food and bad breath. Brush your teeth twice a day not only for your personal hygiene and a bright smile, do it for your partner!

2. Make your bed-

Have you ever tried to get jiggy on a bed with the sheets all twisted and the pillows in disarray? It makes for a lot of interruptions, we are all older now, no one wants spunky juices on their pillow. Make your bed!

3. Do the dishes-

Seriously, nobody loves it, everybody does it. If your partner did the dishes for you would you not wanna give them some sweet lovin?

4. Put away your laundry-

Same with making your bed, shit gets in the way. Fold it an put it away!

5. Shower regularly-

With your love! and without your love. Nobody wants to smell a poopy butt hole while their trying to get off. Clean the crevices.


There you have it! 5 very simple steps to keep your (love) life on track!

MKE week 6 – Lesson Learned

Took a shot resently. It is sad when people you trust betray you. But I have some questions I must answer honestly to process the pain:

  1. What am I pretending not to know?
  2. What could I have done differently?
  3. Do I really care?
  4. Does this affect my dreams?
  5. Is my ego to blame?
  6. Can I fix it?
  7. Should I fix it?

After answering those to myself I feel much better. There is no more anger or betrayal. It is just two people who don’t see eye to eye. And in most cases that is all it ever is. Forgive, forget and change your behavior for the future. If it’s not worth dying for it’s not worth fighting for.  Always choose your battles. Keep your mouth shut. And love everyone regardless.

MKE week 5 – Evidently I can only do odd blogs!

We are one, we are all connected, we are all made of the same stuff, we are all part of the universal.

I just wish I could funnel someone else motivation into myself! Slacking on blogs has been a long hard struggle for me. I want them to make a BAM! So I limit myself and come up with excuses. No More! I will blog every week! I do blog every week!

So what should this week’s blog be about? How about the PIF. Now most of you know by now the Master Keys has been dubbed “a live changing course” and I 100% back that up. So why are some people dropping out due to the PIF? REFUSAL OF THE CALL!! We are all terrified of our greatness. “What if I can actually succeed? What if I am in charge of my whole life? Who can I blame my problems on then?” No one, no matter what the answer is no one. You can afford the PIF, what do you think is more important, your well being or have all the data and a smart phone? Your DMP or your kids pop tarts? Take a good hard look at your life and see which you want more; A happy future or a luxury now?

Really can afford it? Ask for an extension! Ask someone for money. Ask 80 people for a dollar! The Master Key’s is invaluable but we can’t run it of smoke and well wishes. Honor what you have learned. Stick it out and change everything.

Love & Abundance,




MKE week 3 – getting in the flow

It is liberating and terrifying to know everyone is in complete control of their own life.

That means I can’t blame anything or anyone for ANYTHING that happens to me. All of it is 100% my doing. That is scary. But the other side is I can create ANYTHING in my life. That is empowering.

So my world within causes my world without. I have to make my world within (thoughts) what I want to be my world without (life). So I can’t:

  1. judge anyone or thing
  2. hate anyone or thing
  3. fester about things that happen
  4. live in the past
  5. think about mistakes
  6. think badly about myself
  7. have negative thoughts
  8. hurt anyone

I don’t know about the rest of the world by in New England, where I am from, there is a certain expectation that you can handle and dish out verbal abuse. If you don’t or can’t you’re a pussy. So as you can image I make every excuse in the book to maintain these behaviours and keep face. My point, we all have an excuse as to why we can’t or wont change our behavior.

We have to! I lost a good amount of friends and relatives because I did change my behaviour. Now those people have seen the advancements in my life since the behaviour shift, that is still shifting, and refuse to believe it is caused by the change in behaviour. I’ve been told I was handed what I have earned, been spoiled, been favored, it fell into my lap. I can promise you that is not true. I had to change my world within and now my world without has all this epic stuff in it. So I:

  1. Am truly happy
  2. Work 100% from home
  3. Have a brand new car
  4. Am completly in love with someone who is completely in love with me
  5. Get to read books all the time
  6. Have really great best friends
  7. Have an amazing relationship with most of my family
  8. Get to do essential whatever I want

Was it worth it? What do you think?

Love & Abundance,


P.S. I still get to swear like a sailor 😉

MKE Week 1 2017 – Keeping with Tradition

And so I present my DMP!!!

Liberty & Recognition for Creative Expression

          I delight in treating Jason with respect and admiration. Love overwhelms us as I give birth to our twins Victor and Vanora May 2018. They are healthy bundles of joy I love more than life and purple and sparkles!

I am amazing, exuberant and satisfied knowing I better 5 million lives around the world on or before May 2025. I am ecstatic to personally scholarship over 500 people in MKE on or before Sept 30th, 2017. Earning $15,000 a month on or before August 2018 is so thrilling. I shine seeing the pride in Jason, Mom & Mark’s eyes. I have the knowledge, insight and imagination for my full takeover of Training Solutions June 2020. I heal the world by spreading our knowledge & love.

It is exhilarating to close on 134 Central St August 1st, 2018 . Excitement and happiness consumes me as we unlock the door to our Big Yellow House. Sitting on the back porch with the family & friends enjoying the foliage fills my heart with joy. It is glorious having my Great Dane Warrick at my side while I earn our fortune healing the world.

Eating vegetables, drinking 100 ounces of water and working out daily with Piyo, Yoga or a walk makes me merry & sexier. I LOVE to wake up refreshed and energized at 6am 5 days a week. Being in harmony with everything brings me abundance! I love to forgive.

We host a huge party Sat Oct 31st, 2020, The Merry’s Halloween Extravaganza! Hundreds of our families and friends come to enjoy haunted hayrides, bobbing for apples, a costume contest and all around great time. It’s glorious seeing purple, green and orange lights strung from the house to the barn where there’s a huge stage and themed band playing. Everyone there has something wonderful to say about the house and decorations. It’s delightful watching our parents rave to everyone at the party. Merry holiday parties are the talk of the town and we are featured in the Boston Globe Dec 2022, what a thrill!

Week 14 – Hello from the Other Side

Harmony. Have to live with it, can’t succeed without it.

Now I assume most of you reading this blog are in or have been introduced to the Master Key Experience. If you have not here is the basis. You are what you think about, your every thought shapes the world and life you are living via your subconscious, you can learn to control your thoughts and mental attitude to bring out about the circumstances you want in your life by influence your subconscious and in turn utilizing the forces of the universal mind (most ppl say that is god, but it’s not and that’s a whole other blog!) because your subby and the omnipotent energy of the world are one.

This is just the base of what the MKE teaches us. There are many exercises and readings that lead to training your brain to be the watchman at the gate of your subconscious mind. There is also proof for some of your non believers but you would have to read the Master Key System by Charles F Haanel to learn them because I’m not writing a blog to prove to you want I already know.

So we are in week 14 of the MKE, my message for me this week was to make harmony my priority. Without harmony I cannot use the universal mind to my advantage. Constant harmonious thinking will bring out harmonious conditions for me and my loves. Now what exactly does harmony mean in this instance? I am not talking about a tune in my head. I am talking about a condition, a train of many thoughts that only consists of positive constructive happy people places and things.

No dwelling on past mistakes. No fear around what the future holds, got a big project, you’re gonna do awesome! Only constructive thoughts of what you want your future to hold. Want a new car, think about driving it. Want a promotion, work your ass off and think about the success. You get the idea. Now let’s do it now! tree within

MKE Week 4 – Let It Go

(Warning: I swear like a lady)

Let it go… easier said than done.

Master Key System Part 4 Sections 30-32

“30. Mentally let go of all adverse conditions, such as hatred, anger, worry, jealousy, envy, sorrow, trouble or disappointment of any kind. 31. You may say that you cannot “let go” of these things, but you can; you can do so by mentally determining to do so, by voluntary intention and persistence. 32. The reason that some cannot do this is because they allow themselves to be controlled by the emotions instead of by their intellect. But those who will be guided by the intellect will gain the victory. You will not succeed the first time you try, but practice makes perfect, in this as in everything else, and you must succeed in dismissing, eliminating and completely destroying these negative and destructive thoughts; because they are the seed which is constantly germinating into discordant conditions of every conceivable kind and description.”

Now I sure don’t want to germinate discordant conditions of every conceivable kind and I am sure you don’t either. Like myself you might also find it very hard to let go. In 1 sec any of  these thoughts have popped into my head. “She hurt someone I love so the bitch should die! My rent is due tomorrow and I don’t get paid till Tuesday! People with blonde hair suck. That little floozy is so skinny, she is probably a crackwhore.” Pretty gross right!! I can not lets these thoughts fester! I must “Let it Go” (In my best Elsa voice)

Now you may say you can’t decided what pops into your head. That may be true now, but with diligence and practice you can decided what pops into your head. For now just focus on which thoughts you entertain and let the negative ones go. Worried about work? Let it go. Hate Trump/Clinton? Let it go. Jealous of the guy with the new car? Let it go. Angry at yourself for letting your body go? I’m having trouble letting it go… I am very overweight and often times I will become very jealous of girls smaller than me.

cr7z7n_uyaa2ufpYou know what I do when that happens? First I call them horrible names then I feel bad and admit they are badass then try to think about my awesome boobs that come with being heavy and then I put down the pint of ice cream and cry. LOL. No really, I try to love them and be happy for them. It must be awesome to be fit, and I will find out how that feels and they might be able to help me! Make it constructive and positive. Let that nasty thought bring you to a better one. When this becomes a habit all that you will entertain is the good thoughts! Eventually all that will pop in will be positive productive thinking which germinates all harmony and happiness in your life.

It is literally one of the hardest things to do.

CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

It is the key to unlock every door you could possibly imagine. I am going to change the world with this information. Are you with me?! #MasterKeyExperience




MKE Week 3 – ‘Ketchup

Three tomatoes are walking down the street — a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and squishes him… and says, ‘Ketchup.

And so I shall!! This week we dig in or go home. Since quitting is not an option and I know my life with get better and better the more I plug in, it’s time to 100% the bad mamagama. For those of you who have not been introduced to the amazingly awesome MKE here is what 100% looks like;


  • Og 3x as directed
  • Master Key System, sit as directed
  • BPB out loud
  • service card
  • POA card
  • giving and receiving card
  • DMP 3x with enthusiasm


  • Blog weekly
  • get in the members area
  • notice shapes and colors
  • “Do it now” 50x
  • “I can be what I will to be” 25x
  • perform my service

This is not a lot considering the effects it has. Since taking the course for the first time in 2014 my life has become a cake walk. My marriage is perfect.

DSC_0191The best relationship with my family. My favorite car. I have the two bests cats. I am happy beyond anything I believed possible. I didn’t even know I was unhappy before!! I might not even know I am unhappy now, I’ll just have to do the work again and find out! That statement makes me want to list all the epicness in my life. But i’m not gonna cause that’s just bragging. 

The MKE is scary. It makes you face that your life and 100% of everything that is directly connected to you is 100% your doing. Live in chaos? Your fault. Live in harmony? Your fault. No one wants to take personal responsibility. It is sooooo much easier to blame. The MKE shows you the science, shows you how you are the cause and everything else is the effect. I understand and still don’t have full faith. That asshole that cut me off is not my responsibility!! But of course I am the cause and he is the effect. Those are my peptides being fulfilled. Cause sometimes “that asshole” is just someone in a hurry and sometime I think that instead of “that asshole”. I am cause. I am making colossally epic things happen. My effect shakes nations. It is ALL my doing. So do it. 100% now or fail till you give 100%. What is better than the present? DO IT NOW!!!

Abundance & Love,


MKE Week 2 – Die Another Day


I hope you all read my DMP and are thinking about it every second of every day 🙂 If you aren’t you should!!

I am very antsy this week. I badly want to be enjoying autumn back home with my peeps. But I’m stuck here in stupid Hawaii wishing I was cold. I only have 2 more years here, which is not much at all, but I catch myself all the time looking for apartments in MA or NH that I could move into right now. I believe this is my old blueprint trying to get me revert back to the old ways. I have a plan. If the universe wants to drop something in my lap to get me home faster I am all for it but i can’t be messing with it out of antsyness. That is how all the work I have done goes down the drain. I trust the universe, I trust my subconscious to make my DMP happen. So why I am looking for ways out? Why I am looking for a change?

That damned old blueprint that’s why!! I want instant gratification. I want to be enjoying fall now! I could do it. I have the means to move back right this second. But I wont have my Yellow House. I wont have my babies! I wont have my big fancy car. Moving and getting what I want right now could put some or all of my dharma in jeopardy. AND IM STILL LOOKING FOR APARTMENTS!! Emotions are strong creatures. I badly want this, fall makes me happy. But I can transfer those emotions with training. Other things make me happy. Things that will help me get to my final destination. So all I have to do it transfer or replace those thought of wanting to be in New England now to wanting to build a list, or wanting to answer my emails in the most timely fashion. The law of substitution and law of dual though are wonderful weapons to have in my arsenal.

I still slip, obviously, I make dumb choices. I say dumb things. I ver off my chosen path. The key is getting right back on! No shame, no judgment, just peace and calm and satisfaction.


The Universe and I are making some epic shit happen. I know it to be true, therefore it is true.



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