Some of us who have been in a relationship past the “honeymoon” stage know the fire that was your love life turns to a nice warm ember. Here are a few tricks I have learned to stoke the flame of a 7 year old relationship.

1. Brush your teeth-

No one wants to make-out with old food and bad breath. Brush your teeth twice a day not only for your personal hygiene and a bright smile, do it for your partner!

2. Make your bed-

Have you ever tried to get jiggy on a bed with the sheets all twisted and the pillows in disarray? It makes for a lot of interruptions, we are all older now, no one wants spunky juices on their pillow. Make your bed!

3. Do the dishes-

Seriously, nobody loves it, everybody does it. If your partner did the dishes for you would you not wanna give them some sweet lovin?

4. Put away your laundry-

Same with making your bed, shit gets in the way. Fold it an put it away!

5. Shower regularly-

With your love! and without your love. Nobody wants to smell a poopy butt hole while their trying to get off. Clean the crevices.


There you have it! 5 very simple steps to keep your (love) life on track!

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